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ASP Medical Group, a private limited company in Malaysia was established in 2002. Having being certified with an UKAS Accredited ISO 9001:2008 and obtained the MSC status, ASP Medical Clinic Group has grown steadily over the years and has established itself as a renown, leading Third Party Administrator for local corporates as well as MNCs.

ASP Medical Group is principally involved in providing regional third party claims administration ("TPA") services, medical second opinion services, health provider service, healthcare management services and operating a state-of-the-art Electronic Healthcard Network infrastructure to facilitate healthcare claims processing. Among our core products and services:

  1. Integrated Healthcare Benefit Management Solutions, for In Patient and Out Patient
  2. Clinic/Hospital Billing Integration
  3. Complete Clinical/Hospital Management & Work Flow Management

Our focus is to provide medical healthcare services through connective applications and infrastructure for the exchange of transaction information from one computer system to another through the internet, empowered by today technology and linking up the key player in the healthcare sector like clinics, hospitals, insurance company, doctors and patients, to bring an efficient management of health services.

Currently, ASP Medical Group has an established network of more than 1,000 healthcare providers, comprising primary care physicians, secondary care medical centres and tertiary care hospitals. Through these networks of healthcare providers, ASP Medical Group provides its range of services to more than 50 global companies.

Company Vision and Mission

  • Our vision is to be the most comprehensive healthcare service provider and the largest TPA service provider in Malaysia.
  • Our mission is to empower our clients to focus on long term preventive measures to keep their employees and insured members healthy.

Quality is the nerve center of our company without which we would not have thrived in this industry and we are well aware of its importance. We are UKAS Accredited ISO 9001:2008 certified and MSC Status Company. Our strategies always revolve around service and product quality at competitive prices. The reason for our progressive growth is in our range of quality services and products, which are well accepted at home and abroad. Our main area of thrust is in quality, which is maintained and promoted by a qualified and dedicated workforce.

We have gained ISO 9001:2008 certification by ensuring a standard process that delivers high quality products and services that allows us to constantly meet and exceed our customers' expectations in these key areas. They are crucial to our success, today and tomorrow.


ASP Medical Group offers many advancement opportunities for employees, a strong track record of business success, and team-oriented and interactive leaders. We also offers attractive benefits and opportunities for development and career progression.

Our employees take pride in their contributions and share the company's vision to make better products more efficiently. As a constantly expanding organization, we always have rooms for quality and talented people.

To apply for a position, please email / postal mail or fax your detailed resume indicating the position of interest, stating present and expected salaries together with a recent passport-sized photograph to to the following contacts.

Human Resource Manager
ASP Medical Clinic Sdn. Bhd.
Unit 13.2 (Tingkat 13), Wisma Lee Rubber,
No.1, Jalan Melaka, 50100, Kuala Lumpur
Email :


In-House Clinic Management

Frustrated by runaway health costs, the nation's largest employers are moving rapidly to open more primary care medical centers in their offices and factories as a way to offer convenient service and free or low-cost health care.

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Out-Patient Benefits Administration

We facilitate the administration of out-patient healthcare schemes of corporate organizations. ASP Medical Group System facilitates online real-time eligibility verification and confirmation of benefits of out-patient healthcare claims.

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In-Patient Benefits Administration

We facilitate the administration of in-patient healthcare schemes of corporate organizations. ASP Medical Group System facilitates online real-time eligibility verification and confirmation of benefits of in-patient healthcare claims.

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Medical Surveillance & Audiometry Test

Many industries entail heavy and extensive use of chemicals. The purpose of medical surveillance and audiometry test is for the early identification of conditions, if any, that could present an increased risk of adverse health effects related to the task being performed.

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Work Place Health Screening & Wellness Program

We conducts corporate health screenings or blood test for thousands of employees nationwide. Health screening is made easy with our on-site health screening wellness team deployed right at your office.

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Supplies of medicine and medical equipments.

We supply acute, chronic medicine and medical equipments.


We serve multiple MNC corporates nationwide, our featured and notable clients are listed below.





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